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Corporate Social Responsibilities

BTSC is committed to improving the lives of people in Thailand, whether through the core business activity of providing convenient and speedy mass transit services and reducing traffic congestion in the city, or through the company's many CSR activities to benefit society in general. All BTSC staff take part in the company's social responsibility activities as charitable, conscientious volunteers, without expectation of any return.

Activities are organized every year for the benefit of society at large and rural communities, in addition to direct assistance for various organizations, public and private units, foundations, educational institutes and more. Personnel participates regularly in charitable activities such as free meals for blind and disabled children, blood donations, and donations of items to various foundations.

Similarly, BTSC has cultivated an awareness of environmental conservation and energy saving, involving all staff in these efforts. In addition, the BTS SkyTrain is itself a mass transit system that involves Bangkok's residents in environmental conservation and energy saving.

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