Attractive industry dynamics and strong government support

  • Government’s plan is to expand rail mass transit network from 121.6km currently to 515.2km in 2029
  • Market share of mass transit is expected to increase from 6% to over 23% in 2037
  • The Thai government has made explicit its policy to develop Bangkok’s infrastructure by investing in mass transit projects

Resilient business with proven track record

  • Ridership has showed resilient growth, pass through several situations (CAGR 8.7% since inception)

Exclusive concession with flexibility to increase fares

  • Able to increase fare in the core network without BMA’s or national government’s approval, in case under the authorised fare

Efficient operations with significant operating leverage

  • Sustainable margin from the strong operational performance and operating leverage
  • Good margin compared to regional mass transit peers

Ample capacity for future growth with limited CAPEX

  • Additional 46x 4-car trains to accommodate passengers in existing network and new Green Line extensions (3x4 car trains will be allocated to BTSGIF and will be used in the Core Network)

BTSC’s personnel with extensive experience in the mass transit business

  • Developer: BTS core network constructed in 35 months
  • Operator: 18-years’ experience in operating the SkyTrain green line network

Substantial investment opportunities from accretive mass transit expansion

  • RoFR and call option on BTS existing contracts (30-yr O&M contracts and concession extension) as well as new mass transit lines by BTS
  • Also able to seek out non-BTS related infrastructure opportunities and focus on projects with strong cash flow potential